About Us

The Finnish Business Council’s (FBC) mission is to promote trade between Finland and the various countries of Southeast Asia on an organized and continuing basis, and in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland in Singapore.

It exists to provide an invaluable forum for members to meet, network and exchange views and experiences on doing business in Singapore and the region.

FBC welcomes any organization or individual with direct or indirect business links to Finland as members.

Our members have access to relevant and timely events nearly every month, where topics can range from country specific deep dives to innovation and start-up success stories. Members can get visibility for their business and ideas through FBC communications via our website, Facebook page and LinkedIn page. We have also successfully executed company excursions uncovering the amazing innovations of large Finnish and also other international corporations operating in Singapore.

If you are still asking yourself when is the right time to enter Asia, we at Finnish Business Council say NOW! We exist to support our members in succeeding in Asia so don’t hesitate to join the council and benefit from the momentum we have created for doing business in Asia!